Nothing Is Lost


Clients Become Friends

I recognize I’m fortunate to do what I do. On a 4-hour drive down to Harlingen I spent some time thinking about how I’ve never been hired to interview a jerk. When a client exhibited poor behavior a few years back I fired them. While I’m not independently wealthy from StoryKeeping I am certainly enriched in many ways. One of the best ways I’m enriched is by the bonds I form with those I interview and their families.


Fred Says Goodbye

When Fred passed away last month I got a text message from his family. I appreciated the heads up. When you spend a day with Fred he never leaves you. He’s just that kind of guy. Conversations full of wisdom, jokes, and laughing at our own jokes is what could be expected from Fred. When 98 year old Fred watched his StoryKeeping Feature for the first time he remarked, “Man. I look old!” Over the past two years I’ve learned a thing or two about post-production so I decided to do Fred one last favor. I went back through his StoryKeeping Feature and made him look a little younger. I know that would’ve gotten a laugh out of him. 


Fred’s Feature Gets Featured 

His family told me they’d be playing Fred’s StoryKeeping Feature at his memorial service. Wow. What an honor. As I sat in the back row I watched Fred and I’s creation play on the big screen at the front of the church. It was beautiful — aesthetically and spiritually. Fred got the opportunity to make all his friends and family laugh again. Everybody together. Fred laughed at his own jokes, and when he recounted some tougher times dozens of folks simultaneously removed their glasses to wipe away the tears. We all felt what Fred felt. StoryKeeping goal achieved. 


Nothing Is Lost

Fred’s daughter got up to share some thoughts, and I really loved what she had to say. Though Fred’s life on Earth had ended, Bonnie added, “Nothing is lost.” For those possessing faith you understand she meant Fred’s journey from Earth to heaven. I hope to share some laughs with Fred up there when my time comes, too.

Having just watched Fred’s Feature with all his friends and family, I was immensely proud I’d played a role in capturing his legacy. Though Fred’s spirit now resides in heaven, the spark he brought to those around him is just a press play away. I encourage you to do just that in this blog post above. Nothing is lost, indeed. 


  • Bonnie Anderson Yablonski on June 21, 2018

    Thank to Clinton for the priceless treasure for our family, and thanks to Jenna for introducing us to Clinton and envisioning this for our family. We all consider this work to be priceless.

    • admin_sk on July 9, 2018

      I’m so proud to have played a role. Thank y’all for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Patricia Nash-Wohlfahrt on June 23, 2018

    Clinton, I love the video, saw the original version as well. Met you when Jenna and Adam married at the ranch. My brother, David, is the lucky fellow who married the beautiful Bonnie. I met Fred and Daisy at that wedding. I also enjoyed Fred and Daisy’s 50th anniversary party at the ranch. Over the past 40 years, I have spent a lot of time with Fred and heard many of his wonderful stories,including those in this film. You captured his magic and the family is forever grateful. Patricia

    • admin_sk on July 9, 2018

      Patricia! Thank you for the kind words. He is magical indeed, isn’t he?

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