It Begins with Listening

It Begins with Listening

I started StoryKeeping in 2009 with the belief I wasn’t the only grandchild who loved their grandparents and wanted to retain their stories. I began with a single digital voice recorder by focusing solely on audio productions. Listening to my clients and responding to their needs results in constant growth. My personal skill set and the professional capabilities of StoryKeeping are in a state of perpetual expansion.


My Friends Have Faith

Bolner’s Fiesta Spices posted to Facebook asking for videographer recommendations a few months ago. People in my social sphere responded en masse with “StoryKeeping!” and “Clinton Haby!” Never in my life had I produced a food video, and here my friends are tossing StoryKeeping into the ring. Upon speaking with the Bolner family we set a plan in motion to produce ten food videos. 


A Legacy is Sacred

My first food video cut featured pacing similar to Tasty videos. Very fast cuts cater to the short attention span of today’s society. The video circulated among their company’s leadership and the feedback was a desire to slow the pace down. Honoring how someone wants to be represented is sacred to StoryKeeping. Reflecting the brand while maintaining shorter length videos was challenging. The shorter the length the more likely people will press play. 


What’s Next?

I never imagined in 2009 that I’d be producing food videos for a company with national distribution. Listening to clients along the way has made StoryKeeping capable of producing top-notch content for countless causes. Just listening is the start of so many wonderful things, isn’t it? 

The first of many StoryKeeping produced food videos can be seen here:

If you’d like to see future food videos produced by StoryKeeping, click here to give Bolner’s Fiesta Spices a follow on Facebook:

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  • Shirly Haby on July 9, 2018

    You’ve had AWESOME GROWTH by providing your customer ‘s wants to the height of perfection!
    So many families, as well as businesses are able to have their legacies preserved!
    YOUR LISTENING is what helps bring out the best in people, for all to enjoy for years to come!

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