A Decade of StoryKeeping

Time flies when you’re having fun, and this Cinco de Mayo marks the 10-year anniversary of StoryKeeping. Over the last decade, I’ve had the honor of capturing the legacies of families, businesses, and communities. Every single project has shaped both me and my company. Out of the flurry of emotions I’m feeling today the most prominent is grateful.



The cell phone photo I snapped the day I walked into the Bexar County Courthouse to found StoryKeeping.


Thank You

I’m most grateful for the people who trust me with their loved one’s legacy. During the StoryKeeping process I become a member of the family. We hang out where the family hangs out. I sit right across from the storyteller in the same spot my client usually sits. The organic conversation that flows is much the same, only this time professional equipment is capturing all the magic of their first person experiences. These captured memories are treasures, not just to each of my clients and their families, but to me as well. The sanctity of family, lives lived, dreams pursued, and challenges overcome is not lost on me. The pronounced value of these stories commands all the respect, talent, and resources I’m able to channel through StoryKeeping. These feelings inspired me to begin this journey a decade ago and they propel me through every production.



StoryKeeping Growth

What began as a small realization that I needed to record my grandparents’ stories with a digital voice recorder has organically evolved into the full-scale film production company StoryKeeping is today.  I quickly learned audio was not enough, as a potential client told me, “But I want to see my dad’s face when he talks, and I need to see my mom’s hands flying around when she talks. Can’t you do video?” Listening to my customers spurs the growth and capabilities of my company. I want you to always see the look in your father’s eyes, and I want your mother’s mannerisms to always be a press play away. When a client asked if I could capture the story of a family company StoryKeeping moved into the commercial space. Businesses are much like families because their values are best passed down through stories, too.

Along this ten year trek I’ve captured the legacies of soldiers, best friends, business owners, parents, employees, grandmas, farmers, father figures, and countless other valued roles. The common thread is someone made that person a priority. The monopolization of history by the powerful is dead. Our screens are no longer controlled by Hollywood. We have our own history and our own legacies to keep. Every story I produce makes an impact, and all these lives have now impacted mine. I thank you for a decade of StoryKeeping. 



A Decade of StoryKeeping Fiesta

Last week, many of my clients, family, and friends joined me in celebrating this milestone with a San Antonio-appropriate Fiesta at one of my favorite places, Floore’s Country Store in my hometown of Helotes, Texas. Having so many special people who have been a part of StoryKeeping’s legacy together in one place is a memory I will treasure forever. Here’s to the next 10 years!




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Capture the Legacy

The foundation of each StoryKeeping production is expertly captured interview footage. Our process brings out organic, conversational content that resonates with people. Families and companies alike are taking advantage of StoryKeeping's expertise in communicating and capturing their legacy.

The finest tribute to your legacy. A polished “Feature” film with custom B-Roll and insertions, plus background chapters.

A “Highlight” movie of aesthetically enhanced interview footage, cleaned up audio, and topic-focused chapter clips.

The budget narrative. Professionally captured content, converted to playable files, and virtually unedited.