A Decade of StoryKeeping

Time flies when you’re having fun, and this Cinco de Mayo marks the 10-year anniversary of StoryKeeping. Over the last decade, I’ve had the honor of capturing the legacies of families, businesses, and communities. Every single project has shaped both me and my company. Out of the flurry of emotions I’m feeling today the most […]

Nothing Is Lost

I recognize I’m fortunate to do what I do. On a 4-hour drive down to Harlingen I spent some time thinking about how I’ve never been hired to interview a jerk. When a client exhibited poor behavior a few years back I fired them. While I’m not independently wealthy from StoryKeeping I am certainly enriched in many ways. One of the best ways I’m enriched is by the bonds I form with those I interview and their families.

Legacy Protection from Natural Disasters

We have to make peace with the fact that in the case of natural disasters unpredictable things are going to happen. Safety measures will be tested and broken. Containers will cease to contain. Bags will be punctured. Water will rise higher than we imagined. Looters will take what isn’t theirs to take. Where does this leave us?

Wish Fred a Happy 99th Birthday!

I first noticed Fred while filming his grandson’s wedding earlier this year. You couldn’t miss him because he stood up during the ceremony to recite a poem he’d written for the couple. The poem was witty, wise, and sincere.

Happy World Photography Day!

It’s funny to think something as common as photography could be limited to a select few. Someday people will look back at society and wonder why only the rich and powerful had biographies about their lives. Perhaps the turning point is now.