A Ministry of Happiness

Karen was never ordained a minister, but as it turns out formalities are unnecessary for a successful ministry of happiness. Within moments of meeting Karen you’re sharing laughter. This was my experience when interviewing her — to the point I grew concerned whether we’d be able to document anything serious, challenging, or remotely negative in nature.

Before They Move

“Before they move” jumped into my conscious thought multiples times today. Picking up on subtlety and exploring that path often make StoryKeeping productions great. Little kernels lead to stockpiled, illuminating truth. This morning two separate people sparked my brain and inspired this post. 

It Begins with Listening

I started StoryKeeping in 2009 with the belief I wasn’t the only grandchild who loved their grandparents and wanted to retain their stories. I began with a single digital voice recorder in 2009 by focusing solely on audio productions.

Nothing Is Lost

I recognize I’m fortunate to do what I do. On a 4-hour drive down to Harlingen I spent some time thinking about how I’ve never been hired to interview a jerk. When a client exhibited poor behavior a few years back I fired them. While I’m not independently wealthy from StoryKeeping I am certainly enriched in many ways. One of the best ways I’m enriched is by the bonds I form with those I interview and their families.

Muster and Architecture in Chicago

I was asked to speak to the Chicago A&M Club for their annual Muster celebration on April 21, 2018. It was an absolute honor. Their membership went above and beyond ensuring Sarah and I enjoyed ourselves and felt comfortable in their city. While we were in town we checked off some tourist boxes. Pizza at Lou Malnati’s. Italian beef and hot dogs at Portillo’s. Millennium Park and “The Bean.” Wind in our faces.

StoryKeeping is for the descendants, I think.

Older generations typically don’t like the idea of talking about themselves. “Oh, nobody wants to hear me talk!” “I didn’t do anything special.” These are things StoryKeeping hears regularly. I let the storyteller know that, while the stories are about them, the reason we’re capturing their legacy has more to do with their descendants.

Spit-balling Your Legacy With DNA Testing

Sending off saliva has become wildly popular as people search for clarity in their legacy. The concept is as odd as it is compelling. For roughly $100 it’s worth a try, isn’t it? Societal struggles fuel the curiosity. Employees are weighing their integrity against their careers. Parents are striving to instill standards in their children. Grandparents are wondering if the latest generation even cares to hear their story. A quick legacy fix is more appealing than ever.