Wish Fred a Happy 99th Birthday!

I first noticed Fred while filming his grandson’s wedding earlier this year. You couldn’t miss him because he stood up during the ceremony to recite a poem he’d written for the couple. The poem was witty, wise, and sincere.

Happy World Photography Day!

It’s funny to think something as common as photography could be limited to a select few. Someday people will look back at society and wonder why only the rich and powerful had biographies about their lives. Perhaps the turning point is now.

Harvesting the Seeds of Generations

Those words jumped out at me in a Max Lucado devotional I read this morning. It struck me that he’s referencing multiple types of seeds. A family, over time, can build wealth. A future generation can capitalize on the seeds harvested by generations before if they have the money necessary to take advantage of an opportunity.

For the Children

While books and photo albums will always have their place, incorporating the information from books and the photos from albums into a production that holds the attention of future generations is an effort worth pursuing. What good is a book that’s never read or information that’s never accessed?

Taking Control of Our Legacy with Martellus Bennett

His talk addresses the misconception that athletes cannot be creative and creatives cannot be athletes. Bennett is known across the nation as a superstar football player, but he wants his daughter to remember him for more than a stiff arm and a few years (relatively speaking) in the NFL.