It Begins with Listening

I started StoryKeeping in 2009 with the belief I wasn’t the only grandchild who loved their grandparents and wanted to retain their stories. I began with a single digital voice recorder in 2009 by focusing solely on audio productions.

It’s a Family Tradition

The picture above shows my grandfather on the left, my father in the middle using his hands telling a hunting story, and my mother on the right. Hunting is the most sacred tradition in our family. When the Haby family came to Texas from Alsace they hunted and provided meat for the other families in the Castro Colonies. We still make our own deer sausage today, and it’s fresher and more organic than anything you’ll find in Whole Foods.

When Your Child Fails

I prefer happiness so I enjoy focusing on positive stories, but when I’m helping someone develop their life story I have to put my personal preference aside. For future generations, what is real can be for more valuable than what we wish had happened.

Seventeen Years Ago Tonight

After I got off the phone with my mother I went back out to the Bonfire site. Most every class was cancelled but we wouldn’t have attended anyway. We stood at the perimeter ready to go in and help if we were needed. I couldn’t tell you what time we left later that day because time ceased to matter.

Wish Fred a Happy 99th Birthday!

I first noticed Fred while filming his grandson’s wedding earlier this year. You couldn’t miss him because he stood up during the ceremony to recite a poem he’d written for the couple. The poem was witty, wise, and sincere.