It Begins with Listening

I started StoryKeeping in 2009 with the belief I wasn’t the only grandchild who loved their grandparents and wanted to retain their stories. I began with a single digital voice recorder in 2009 by focusing solely on audio productions.

Connection and Warmth

The eyes are the window to the soul, and when we really want to know what someone is thinking or feeling that’s the first place we look. I’m not sure what could be more personal than choosing a counselor, so I positioned the camera the same way I do for video biography productions so the viewers will feel like the storyteller is speaking directly to them. This gives Ysasi the best opportunity to establish a connection with the viewer.

Genesis ATS Sales Video

Genesis ATS came to me a couple months ago with a challenge. The only way they were able to get in front of decision makers was through an online portal in which their company was represented by a single video. As a former salesperson, I understood the importance of getting this right.