StoryKeeping is for the descendants, I think.

StoryKeeping is not about you

Older generations typically don’t like the idea of talking about themselves. “Oh, nobody wants to hear me talk!” “I didn’t do anything special.” These are things StoryKeeping hears regularly. I let the storyteller know that, while the stories are about them, the reason we’re capturing their legacy has more to do with their descendants. How would you like to be able to learn the legacy of your family three generations back? Pick any individual from any generation. Then listen to them describe the foundation of your very existence. That’s compelling. We want that for our descendants. 


or is it?

Whether the storyteller feels their life is special or not becomes irrelevant. Their story is important because it is theirs, and their story is their grandchild’s story, too. This morning I got a Facebook message from a client. I interviewed Millie, her mother-in-law, back in 2010. Millie now has dementia. While helping Millie go through her belongings they came across her production. Millie didn’t recall doing the interview at all. Intrigued, she insisted upon watching immediately. Screenshots of the ensuing message are attached. My favorite part is the following: 


I thought StoryKeeping was for her descendants, but at this time, your video has reminded a lovely lady she has a story.


Maybe it’s for the storytellers, too.


A legacy captured by StoryKeeping helps dementia patient to remember their story.

A legacy captured by StoryKeeping helps dementia patient to remember their story.

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  • Marjorie Turner Hollman on January 31, 2018

    Goodness, what a gift that keeps on giving. And how wonderful that you learned of the impact of your work, and how powerful that gift continues to be.

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