The Standard Legacy Package



StoryKeeping’s Standard Legacy Package includes the following:


  • Standard Feature Film
    • 12-15 minute film of interview highlights
    • Professional interview utilizing the StoryKeeping system
    • Full HD, 1080p Quality
    • Single-camera interview setup
    • Professional lighting system
    • Color correction and grading for top-quality imagery
    • Audio clean-up and enhancement for great sound


*The clip above, “12 – Principles,” is an example of a StoryKeeping Chapter. Chapters contain all stories pertaining to certain topics.


  •  StoryKeeping Chapters
    • Organizing interview footage into topic-based clips
      • Much more watchable than raw interview footage
      • People can instantly watch the exact chapters they want to learn about
      • Switching of framing
    • Removing undesirable footage
      • Interruptions (phone, mail man, spouse, pets)
      • Interviewer’s prompting
      • Noticeable confusion
      • Fruitless comments
      • Coughing fits
      • Etc.
    • Number and length of chapters vary
      • More in-depth topics will be longer or even split into multiple chapters
      • Lightly touched upon topics will result in shorter chapters
      • Most productions result in an hour or more of Chapter clips
    • Delivery by download


The Standard Package is similar to the Cinematic Package but with no pictures, custom footage, or music. Pricing starts at $2,500 with a one hour session, and most of these productions fall in the $5k-$6.5k range and are built around an interview three hours in length. Three hours is enough time to capture a good general life overview for an individual. I recommend a four hour interview for couples. If we’re interviewing an avid storyteller, or if we want to go into further detail, additional interview time is available at $1,400 an hour. This fee includes all additional editing and production incurred by the hour of filming. For a custom quote please email or call 210-216-2727 and we will get it done.

If you’d like something nicer consider the Cinematic Legacy package, or if you’d like something simpler consider the Raw Legacy package.





Capture the Legacy

The foundation of each StoryKeeping production is expertly captured interview footage. Our process brings out organic, conversational content that resonates with people. Families and companies alike are taking advantage of StoryKeeping's expertise in communicating and capturing their legacy.

The finest tribute to your legacy. A polished “Feature” film with custom B-Roll and insertions, plus background chapters.

A “Highlight” movie of aesthetically enhanced interview footage, cleaned up audio, and topic-focused chapter clips.

The budget narrative. Professionally captured content, converted to playable files, and virtually unedited.