Connection and Warmth

Desirae Ysasi, LPC-S came to me wanting a video for her website that communicated her style and what working with her might be like for potential clients. Ysasi has a private counseling services practice in San Antonio, Texas, and I share her concerns about the stigmas surrounding mental health.

When I realized I had an opportunity to help people grow more comfortable with getting help I knew I wanted to be involved. I also knew from a technical perspective how I wanted to execute this production.

The eyes are the window to the soul, and when we really want to know what someone is thinking or feeling that’s the first place we look. I’m not sure what could be more personal than choosing a counselor, so I positioned the camera the same way I do for video biography productions so the viewers will feel like the storyteller is speaking directly to them. This gives Ysasi the best opportunity to establish a connection with the viewer.

I noticed Ysasi had a table with family photos in the room, so I walked over to see what kind of lighting was overhead and found it was a group of dimming tungsten lights. Perfect. I lit Ysasi with a daylight balance color temperature and brought the tungsten lights up enough over the family photos so the background would appear warm and welcoming. I used a shallow enough depth of field to blur out the details in the family photos, but the grouping of frames produces a humanizing element in the background.

All of this works together to deliver a warm, inviting introductory video for Desirae Ysasi Counseling Services. Click here (and scroll down some) to check out StoryKeeping’s latest production:

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