Better B-Roll for My Clients

StoryKeeping has taken some leaps and bounds in 2016, and just took another big one.

StoryKeeping now has a gimbal to create even better b-roll for clients than before. The linked video is just the beginning, as I’ve just started practicing with the new gear. The goal is to be able to incorporate silky smooth, beautiful shots to complement interview footage.

The heart and soul of StoryKeeping is in the interview process, and now the footage can be just as powerful.

How do you like this footage from my gimbal and the StoryKeeping B Camera?

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Capture the Legacy

The foundation of each StoryKeeping production is expertly captured interview footage. Our process brings out organic, conversational content that resonates with people. Families and companies alike are taking advantage of StoryKeeping's expertise in communicating and capturing their legacy.

The finest tribute to your legacy. A polished “Feature” film with custom B-Roll and insertions, plus background chapters.

A “Highlight” movie of aesthetically enhanced interview footage, cleaned up audio, and topic-focused chapter clips.

The budget narrative. Professionally captured content, converted to playable files, and virtually unedited.