Association of Personal Historians Executive Board

March 21, 2015 I joined the Association of Personal Historians (APH). March 20, 2017 the APH Board appointed me Treasurer of the organization.

Look at me being official here:

Those who know me personally understand I have a habit of getting in the middle of something good. Sarah, my lovely fiancée whom I will be marrying this Saturday, had highly encouraged me to lay off hardcore volunteerism after my 10-year stint with the San Antonio A&M Club & Foundation. The past couple years StoryKeeping has enjoyed a huge shot in the arm as I poured all of my professional (and many personal) hours into upping the quality of my productions.

StoryKeeping images now match the beauty of the stories I document, so when I received a call from the President of APH, Stephanie Kadel-Taras, asking if I’d consider coming on board midterm I knew the time was right.

Prior to joining APH I operated on a virtual professional island. I had no idea if I was good at what I did as I had no community to gauge against. At my first APH conference I came away feeling completely validated. I learned I was doing great work and felt justified in pushing my business forward.

I’m proud to now be in position to push our industry forward.

Our world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace. Families are scattered across the country and even the globe. People have connectivity overload yet lack connection. The work of personal historians is more important than ever, and I’m excited to be right in the middle of it all.


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