A Warm Loving Hug

StoryKeeping for the holidays.

Giving Thanks

I checked the mail today to find this “Thank You” card from the children of a woman I’d interviewed earlier this year. When she passed away a few weeks ago I heard the family gathered to watch her StoryKeeping Feature. 

Of course I love this entire card and everything about it, but the line, “Please know that your efforts/expertise is like receiving a warm loving hug from Mom each time we watch it” makes me so proud. My arms are now raised, victoriously, because that’s the feeling I’m aiming to inspire. 

In this holiday season I’m grateful for so many things already. I find myself giving thanks for wonderful clients, again. I’m thankful for each of you just as much.  


  • Marjorie Turner Hollman on December 17, 2018

    Oh, joy–such wonder and confirmation of the work we do. So glad for them, and for you.

  • Marjorie Turner Kuhl Hollman on December 17, 2018

    Yeah!!! Great joy to all of you.

  • Mari Marion on December 20, 2018

    I’ve watched Sweetie Pie’s video many times since she passed. I smile every single time. Thank you for doing such a great job on it.

    • StoryKeeping on December 20, 2018

      Mari Marion – Thank you for the sweet message. It was an honor for me to work on Sweetie Pie’s production. 🙂

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