A Ministry of Happiness


A Ministry of Happiness

Karen was never ordained a minister, but as it turns out formalities are unnecessary for a successful ministry of happiness. Within moments of meeting Karen you’re sharing laughter. This was my experience when interviewing her — to the point I grew concerned whether we’d be able to document anything serious, challenging, or remotely negative in nature. Karen had felt plenty of pain. Her sickness brought her to the ground 75 times as of our interview. She lost the love of her life, Steve, the year before. Karen’s home is adorned with motivational signage as she ministered happiness to herself first before pouring out joy to the rest of us.  Karen was self-ordained through a lifetime of making sure everyone else was alright. 


Creative Parc

Karen’s story intersects with mine through her daughter, Callie. Callie has a true gift for graphic design and is a partner in the San Antonio branding agency, Creative Parc. When StoryKeeping needed a fresh and professional feel I reached out to her for help. The Creative Parc process begins with listening to the client. I told them the story of StoryKeeping, what was important to the character of the business, and where I’d like things to go. The final logo (below this paragraph) is beautiful yet simple. One half of an infinity symbol is me and the other half is the storyteller. When I listen, and the storyteller speaks, we capture the legacy inside our infinite loop. The legacy is the rose. Rose was my maternal grandmother’s middle name, is my little sister’s middle name, and is a symbol of love. Love is at the center of the work I do, and the rose is a powerful symbol of life and legacy. 



A Logo Comes to Life

When Callie and her husband Brad reached out to me to interview Karen, I was excited to create something beautiful for Callie in return. One half of the logo would be me, like always, only this time the other infinity half would be her mom. I hit record and listened. Karen shared her life. As time and stories passed this infinite jewel grew between us to capture a magnificent, blossoming rose of a legacy. Karen speaks of how she intends to bloom wherever she’s planted. My hope is this StoryKeeping production will minister her seeds of happiness for generations to come.  

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Capture the Legacy

The foundation of each StoryKeeping production is expertly captured interview footage. Our process brings out organic, conversational content that resonates with people. Families and companies alike are taking advantage of StoryKeeping's expertise in communicating and capturing their legacy.

The finest tribute to your legacy. A polished “Feature” film with custom B-Roll and insertions, plus background chapters.

A “Highlight” movie of aesthetically enhanced interview footage, cleaned up audio, and topic-focused chapter clips.

The budget narrative. Professionally captured content, converted to playable files, and virtually unedited.