400 Generations of Stories Sustained by Story Keepers

Story Keepers Entrusted

Some of the world’s oldest stories were passed down upwards of 400 generations by entrusted story keepers. Story keepers are people given the responsibility of remembering and reciting the legacy of their community. These oldest stories, passed down by Aboriginal Australians, ensured the survival of future generations by relaying knowledge of treacherous lands encountered while hunting. Scientists have been able to verify the age of these stories by dating volcanic rock featured in the native tales. Can you imagine your grandparents telling you stories of your family from 10,000 years ago? 


Hunting and Stories

There’s something about hunting and stories. I was inspired to found StoryKeeping because of my family’s tradition of storytelling after hunting. Our stories are told around tungsten lighting rather than a campfire, still the passing down of knowledge and sharing experience is innately rewarding. Spending time in the wild hunting always makes me feel connected to nature, my family, and even a higher power. Feeling connected leads to grounded thought and greater well-being. While connecting can mean Internet access — the connection I’m speaking of is much more rewarding. Time away allows your brain the opportunity to relax, catalog, and package your own perspective. Wouldn’t it be novel to cite original thought around the water cooler on Mondays? 


Story Keepers of Today

The stories you tell your grandchildren may not feature volcanic activity. The spirit of wanting a better life for our children and grandchildren remains instinct. We work hard for decades to provide. We want something of value to show for it all to leave assets rather than debts to our family. In the financial advising world a trend to help clients pass down more than assets has emerged. “Rather than merely hand down my golf clubs, I want to teach my child how to swing them,” an adviser stated to me. 

Who is the story keeper in your family? If the story keeper of the family is you, what advice are you passing on for future generations? Maybe more importantly, what are you doing to ensure that legacy endures 400 generations?


This link will take you to the article that inspired this post. It’s fascinating, so give it a click: https://www.sapiens.org/language/oral-tradition/?fbclid=IwAR20V2pj3nWNxLFk8NZxFBVXIc1Jz-LEJD7CFsC-1tTidQFWJdPe8-_oGEQ


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