The Trail – A StoryKeeping Feature

Jeremy’s interest in sponsoring his grandparents’ story comes as no surprise, as their simplest stories carry memorable lessons. The story of the pine cone is a Wallace original, but is so poignant it belongs in a book. Or perhaps a movie?

About 1 Day

I’m transferring just under 2 TB (2,000 GB) of projects from the first three years in business, and the status bar on my original StoryKeeping computer just told me “About 1 Day”.

A Serving of Special

And just like that, I was given a heaping serving of special, and loved their restaurant, before trying any of their food. I went to Bayseas Catfish House on the northeast side of San Antonio for lunch today to eat some fish like the good, Lent-abiding, Catholic boy I am. I didn’t realize I’d be taken to business school right out of the gate.

Politics in StoryKeeping

While it may be considered rude to discuss politics at the dinner table, these StoryKeeping sessions are conducted in the comfort of the storyteller’s home, and if there ever was a “safe space” that should definitely serve as one.