Does DNA = Who You Are?

Families are influenced by the most immediate generations around them and the meaning they take the time to pass down. I was sitting next to a woman on a plane when she asked what I do for a living. When I explained how I help people pass their story down to the next generations she loved it, but then she grew disheartened as she remembered how broken her family tree had become. A divorce here and an adoption there meant drawing her family tree would be challenging.

Nice Feedback

When there’s a big premiere of a StoryKeeping production at an event with dozens of family members present, and I’m not there, I get a little nervous hoping everything went well and folks enjoyed the production.

Content of Character

I stopped in at a market a couple days ago to pick up some meat. The market was the busiest I’d seen, and a teenage boy behind the counter asked if he could help me. I gave him my order of three pounds of chili meat, and it became apparent this was one of his first days. He struggled to put gloves on as the other employees quickly moved around him. He grabbed the plastic bag for the meat, placed it atop the scale, and attempted to zero it in.

Stories in a Flash

Technology is difficult to keep up with, and as a content creator the onus is on me to ensure the productions I’m delivering to clients are going to maintain relevance as long as possible. At least, that’s the StoryKeeping approach. I don’t want to give a client a DVD they’ll want to convert to digital next year, and leave them with standard definition content. Of course, if the client absolutely wants a DVD I’m going to give them one, because ultimately I make dreams come true. 🙂

Human Library

For thirty minutes, you can check out a person and listen to their personal stories. The human books volunteer a topic they’d like to talk about so people know if they’d like to check them out or not. Wild.