Harvard’s 75-Year Happiness Study

When I saw a link for a 75-year Harvard study dedicated to determining the source of people’s happiness, I knew I was about to watch something good. The speaker, Robert Waldinger, delivers the information quite simply, but it doesn’t disappoint.

StoryKeeping My Parents – Act Like You Don’t Know Me

Ultimately, their StoryKeeping Feature turned out beautifully, and is seen up above in this post. But one of my favorite stories didn’t make the cut because guess what? People don’t tell stories the same way twice, and there’s something special about capturing the full story in all it’s enthusiasm the first time around.

The Davises StoryKeeping Feature

Please do check out this StoryKeeping Feature. A Feature is a highly-produced movie that pulls short clips from different chapters of the interview and drops in StoryKeeping-produced b-roll as well as pictures and content provided by the families.

Welcome to the Family

We later gathered around the TV in the living room to watch the StoryKeeping feature Sarah had commissioned for her family’s Christmas gift. The man who’d welcomed me into the family an hour before exclaimed excitement throughout the production. Sarah’s grandmother said, “Oh Clinton, you really knew what you were doing!”

I Made My Girlfriend Cry

We sat in the dark and watched the story of her grandparents’ lives unfold. She laughed aloud a lot more than she cried. She shook her head in disbelief as she learned things she’d never known about her family. And lastly, she cried and told me it was perfect and to not change a thing.

The Right Time for StoryKeeping

I delivered a StoryKeeping production in person a few days ago. More often than not I mail the project, but this time the son of a couple I’d interviewed was passing through town and I was able to deliver in person.

Stolen Truck Found Two Years Later

In September 2013 I walked out of my girlfriend’s apartment to an empty parking space where my beloved White Knight had been a few hours before. The White Knight was a ’99 Dodge diesel that I’d purchased in 2004 from my parents after a head-on collision with a drunk driver claimed my first truck – a ’78 Dodge 4×4.