Stories of Ordinary People Democratize History

The Sacramento paper did a nice, and pretty funny, article covering the Association of Personal Historians conference last week. There are a few items that jumped out to me though. One – we didn’t have 600 people there. I think APH has 600 members total, and around 150-160 came to Sacramento. Secondly – the pricing […]

The Wedding of Jen & Jonathan Kimbrough

I first met Jen at a Scott Wiggins Band concert at County Line BBQ in San Antonio about six years ago. Jen reached out to me a few months back to inquire about my wedding services. I’d filmed her bridesmaid Lindsey’s wedding a few years before, so I already had a glowing endorsement as well as a clue to how fun this wedding was going to be.

Topic-based Clips

The bulk of the content from a StoryKeeping interview ends up in topic-based clips. When I’m working on a production, I base my decisions on what I would want if I were the customer. This is why StoryKeeping productions have evolved over time into the honed packages they are today.