“Stories We Tell” on Netflix

The most rewarding part for me though, was how Polley documented herself creating the documentary. You get a real behind-the-scenes view into what makes a video biography happen. And I saw myself a bit in Polley as she interviewed her subjects too. But because these people were in her immediate family, it must’ve been more difficult than ever to keep her mouth shut as people told stories she could add to, or debate. She sat there with her mouth closed, because as the director this was not her story.

Sarah and Foster at the Century Tree

My buddy Brooks sent me a Facebook message a couple weeks ago to see if I might be available to film a marriage proposal in Aggieland. Thankfully the calendar worked out, and I was able to film his brother Foster proposing to his then girlfriend, Sarah.

Jack’s Faith

I appreciate all of you that joined me in praying for Jack and his family. Jack is now up in heaven having the celebration of a lifetime as his life was celebrated here on Earth earlier today at his funeral.