Castro Colonies Heritage Association 40 Year Anniversary

The Castro Colonies Heritage Association pays tribute to the history of Castroville, Quihi, Vandenburg (New Fountain), D’Hanis, and all of Medina County, Texas. The initial trip to the motherland was the brainchild of Msgr. Larry Stuebben and was executed by Barbara Tondre-El Zorcani. In 1975 twenty-eight American-Alsatians set out for the motherland. The following year, 180 Alsatians returned the favor by traveling to Castroville, Texas. This cultural exchange of long-lost families blossomed into an annual Tour D’Alsace, the establishment of sister cities, and more stories than you might imagine.

Driving Around the Writer’s Block

So the profession of personal historian exists to prod and coach people along, and I’m fully capable of assisting you with this if you care to step up to the challenge of writing your autobiography. But there’s a much faster, less painful, alternative to running into writer’s block. I’ve even witnessed my clients make sense of their own lives as they reflected – on camera.

Jurassic Ambition

So Ellingson crafted his personal narrative in his mind before it became reality – much like he had to imagine a raptor’s reality before bringing it to life for movie-goers. And it’s poetic that he used a practice that’s “been around forever” to end up working on the Jurassic productions, isn’t it?

Jacking with Genetics

People now have the ability to tinker with the genetics of an embryo. This immediately sounds scary, but this technology could be used to prevent disease or life-threatening abnormalities. At surface level this sounds like an unbelievably great thing, but where does mankind draw the line?

Family Stories = College Admission

Eddie felt under-qualified to even be sitting before the interview panel. In comparison to his colleagues, his test scores were too low, his high school GPA unimpressive, and he’d never had a family member attend the Air Force Academy so legacy was out of the question.