Weather vs. Memories

Hundreds of homes have been washed away, people are missing, and our social media feeds are filled with destruction, but in true American narrative fashion, the lasting story won’t focus on the destruction, but the rebuilding.


May 20th is Me@20 Day. I want to know what you were like at 20. Answer the Me@20 Questionnaire. Tag me and share it using the #APH20 hashtag!

Too Young to Reflect

The New York Times ran an article today debating whether there’s an age too young to tell a life story. When I reflect on my earlier years I knee-jerk label myself dumb and unwise. But when I happen upon some of my earlier writing I realize how much depth I possessed, and even question if life has made me dumber over time. 🙂

Happy Ending

At the end of interviews I ask the subject if they’re happy with what we’ve covered. Jan’s response was one of the best ever. 🙂

On Writing Well

“One of the saddest sentences I know is I wish I had asked my mother about that. I wish I had asked my father about that. Writers are the custodians of memory so it’s extremely important to get to people, interview your parents, your grandparents. Don’t worry what anybody else thinks. The important thing is to be a recorder of the past. But it’s very important work, I think, writing family history, whether anyone ever sees it or not.” – William Zinsser (1922-2015)